After working in the computer industry and spending some years conducting research into cinema and digital media, I became convinced that the innovative qualities of videogames as participatory media required closer academic attention. As such I have spent most of my career championing the inclusion of games within the academy, and arguing for games as an art form, a role I continue as a Professor at Falmouth University. Alongside this, and my scholarly work on the Gothic, I also maintain, in various forms, a visual practice.

Since 2010, I’ve become a committed painter working mainly on the figurative. As was as a Masters in Authorial Illustration, I have undertaken 4 of Newlyn School’s year-long courses: Year 1 (2015) and 2 (2015-2016) of the Figure course (weekly one day); Defining Practice (2014-2015) and their Professional Practice course (2015-2016). I have exhibited, among other venues, at Newlyn Art Gallery (Drawing Down the Feminine, March 2016), The Plough, Great Torrington, 2016, Tremenheere Gallery (Cypher), January 2018 and participate in Cornwall’s Open Studios.

I have been making work that draws on mythological figures of fate and creativity, as a means of uncovering the hidden and the marginalised. Alert to chance affordance, I unearth anthropomorphic figures often by scratching into layers of pigment to divine forms of power variant to dominant modes. I value working collectively and dialogically with other artists across different media.

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