Tanya Krzywinska is an artist, academic, and writer, a graduate of North London University & Falmouth University and currently a student at Central St Martins. She is making work that brings landscape with figurative together inspired by folk horror and informed by her scholarly work on the genre within film and videogames. Krzywinska has exhibited her work nationally including at the Newlyn Art Gallery and at Trinity Bouy Wharf, and had her images published in international publications. She has curated various exhibitions, including one to accompany an international academic conference on folk horror at Falmouth University. Tanya edits a journal entitled Games and Culture (Sage), is a distinguished Fellow of Higher Education Videogames Association and of the Digital Games Research Association. She is a Professor at Falmouth University and recently made installations using AR and VR for Cornish Museums.

Her current work seeks to uncover the hidden and the┬ámarginalised; this may be in relation to everyday experience, or by placing objects – such as chairs – out of place. Alert to chance affordance, she aims to create forms within the context of painting that work counter wise to dominant modes of power. These are intended as a critique of the Anthropocene culture that we currently live in. Krzywinska values working collectively and dialogically with other artists across different media.

Tanya keeps a blog focused on her current folk horror project which can be found at https://tanyakartblog.com/

Email: tanya.krzywinska@gmail.com

<a href=”https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Tanya_Krzywinska”>Tanya Krzywinska on ResearchGate</a>

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